We are the Award Winning Invincible Regulating Striders Drill-Team, A.K.A. DIRS of “The Dayton Striders Music Foundation.”

We are currently applying for a 501(c)(3) designation as a non-profit.
IRS was organized as a safe haven for inner city at risk youth to come and perform with pride. DIRS Performing Arts Group was established on May 11, 2001 by Michael McCorkle, who is still our executive director.

It’s been over 15 years of wonderful experiences, friendly competition, festive parades, and spectacular performances.

In Dayton, Ohio like many urban areas across the nation, at risk youth are faced with many challenges and obstacles- gangs, teen pregnancy, bullying, drugs and the list goes on. In a time when technology has stolen a whole generation, structured activities are important today more than ever. On our journey of becoming productive citizens, we use our passion for arts which in our case is precision drill.


IRS Performing Arts teaches, that in life there will be challenges and possibly defeats but we learn to give our best at all times, and to never ever give up, in life or in the performance arena. IRS Performing Arts Group has participated in the 2008 Timkens NFL Hall of Fame Parade. We’ve won IBPOE of the World Drill A Rama champions 5 times, winning our perspective divisions (Jr, Sr, Pee-Wee, precision category) 7 times, also including “best in leadership” seven times. We’ve been American Marching Association Senior and Pee Wee national champions. We were given a proclamation from Dayton’s mayor in 2015, stating, “The Invincible Regulating Striders are as much a part of Dayton’s pride and heritage as the writings of Paul Laurence Dunbar, and the invention of aviation.”

Since 2001 we’ve maintained an average of 50 students per year, so there have been at least 750 youth in the greater Dayton area who has benefited and been a part of our program.

As we approach 2017, we will be making changes to expand our ability to serve the community and to perform more often, by becoming a non-profit organization and enlisting mentors in the community to help this program rival older and larger programs across the country.

more information, contacts and a donation form will be coming soon.

Contact [email protected] for more information.